Christ is Life

A mountain laurel tunnel near Big Ridge Overlook

A mountain laurel tunnel near Big Ridge Overlook

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I just spent three hours cleaning up the room shared by my second and third children. I begged, threatened, and cajoled my children to help me. I lost my temper when I found a basket of washed, dried, and folded clothes carelessly upended onto the floor. Every time I clean up my home, I am filled with grating antipathy for the world of physical science. Could we not have been dropped into a universe that tended toward order?

But we haven’t been. We have been dropped into a world then tends towards chaos.

Poverty is chaos.
Racism is chaos.
Loss is chaos.
Brutality is chaos.
An ocean full of plastic is chaos.

Our world tends toward chaos, and Jesus, a man who lived in this universe according it its laws, left this commission: train disciples, bringing order to a world bent on chaos through the power of Trinitarian baptism.

It is not our commission to save people from eternal torment...