Books and Writings

Here are some of my current writing projects.


There were a million reasons to leave. But I didn’t.


Faith deconstruction—asking questions and finding that religion doesn’t do a good job of answering them—has become a well-documented phenomenon within Christianity. Studies show that people are leaving the church. Accusations loom large in faith communities.

I didn’t leave. I had a million reasons to leave: grief, deconstruction, cynicism, disillusionment . . . but, I can still find a church bulletin in my purse most days. Credulous is a walk through the different movements of a traditional Christian worship service bulletin to wonder aloud, why? Why am I still here? What do I have to say, as a woman, mother, lay-person? And Credulous asks, what might you have to say?

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Lent Incarnate

Lent is the season in the liturgical year that has historically been set aside as a time of introspection and lament. The Missional Wisdom Foundation would like for you to join us on a Lenten journey exploring lament, restoration, and the sacredness of soil. 

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Advent Incarnate

This Incarnational Group Guide contains four liturgies to follow, guides the group through setting an intention of service, and works well for children, adults, or a mix of both.