Andrea Lingle

I am a writer, thinker, hoper, dreamer, mother, math-problem helper, and inveterate wonderer. Or at least that is how I like to think of myself. Honestly, I just love to talk about life, the mystery that is God, and what I see around me. 


I began writing in 2008 when I first became a stay-at-home-mom. My first blog was Thoughts on Dirt—a discourse on my adventures in urban gardening, and it was, for a while. For a very short while I talked about dirt. 


But dirt makes you think. Where did this all come from? Is there some unseen creative impulse that started this unfolding universe? Could it be that this...mystery...could be so infinitely generative and loving? And, in pondering dirt, I found that my writing and wondering began to stray more and more often to ontology (who is the self) and theology. 


This journey has been a great joy and struggle. I hope you will join me as I continue to think about dirt, God, mystery, and family. I hope you will join me.