Christ is Love


This articles appears on the Missional Wisdom Foundation blog this week.

The flow of the love of Jesus is the atomic signature of the Christ. An atomic signature is a unique array of electromagnetic waves or signals that every atom emits and absorbs that allows persons with the right equipment to identify anything on an elemental level. The body of Christ, in all its diversity is known by love. I do not mean only love given or received in the name of Christ, but love. The love of the Jew, the Greek, the Muslim, the agnostic, the addict, the sex worker, the evangelical, or the Pope is the signature of the living Christ, incarnate in us, come again.

Jesus was sitting on a stone, his head ached from the glare of the sun and the dust of the dry Judean countryside. The Pharisees were finally done questioning him. Andrew laid a hand on his shoulder. Andrew always noticed when his head had begun to ache.

“Master, rest here. I’ll go get you a drink.”
“Make it a strong one.” Jesus shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m tired of fighting.”
“I know you are.” Andrew walked away calling to one of the others to fetch him a wineskin.

It had been a terrible day. The dust coated his hands and feet and hair and voice. The sun and the questions pried into every crevice. He was simply spent.