On a Frosty Morning


On a Frosty Morning

This morning the full moon set in the west as the sun rose in the east.

I was caught between two worlds. 

The sky was streaked with rose and silver. There was a balance between forces. Masculine and feminine. Light and dark. Hot and cold. I was caught in the liminality of a twilight moment.

A twilight moment that I witnessed because my toddler woke up with a niggling cough. As she clambered into bed, directly over my head (she literally stepped on my ear), her niggling cough turned into a persistent cough. As her toenails scraped up and down my thighs, her persistent cough turned into an urgent hack. Then I started percussing her back and urging her to drink and plying her with honey. 

Anything to stop the cough.

Because you know what is coming.

In the twilight of the moonset and the sunrise, with frost bristling on the grass, my toddler threw up in my hair.