Because of Winn Dixie

Sympathetic resonance is, in brief, when one thing causes another thing to stir. It happens in music. If you strike one note, others will vibrate at certain known intervals from the base note you struck. This is especially easy to see in a stringed instrument like the piano.

I have learned to pay attention to sympathetic resonance.

Recently, I checked out Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo from the library. We listen to audio books in the car because I want to bathe my kids in words. Beautiful words, silly words, challenging words, metered words, and, above all, resonant words. Words that move me. 

Because of Winn Dixie is not a new book. Most people have probably already read this one, but I hadn't. It is a children's book, and the title made me worry that it was a bit saccharine, but it's not, it is resonant. My kids knew it. Every so often, from the back seat, a little voice would pipe up with a one of those questions that you have to pause the story to discuss. 

This is a story that gives me vocabulary for living life well.

Andrea LingleComment