Exploring my why

I homeschool my four kids.

     Granted, one of them is sixteen months old, but she takes more time than the third grader.

We are beginning our fourth official year. I have a third grader, first grader, K4 (because he insisted), and the baby (who destroys all things). We follow the AmblesideOnline scope and sequence (more or less).

When I tell people that I homeschool there are several responses:

  1. The Speechless--wow
  2. The egoist--I could never do that (didn't ask you to)
  3. The cheerleader--That's so great!!
  4. The awkward cheerleader--that is great
  5. The disbelieving--what? 
  6. The inquisitor--why?

At the end of last year, I found myself completely without a why. And that does not lead to focused, present living. In fact, it left me standing in the kitchen after breakfast, staring at my phone, dreading the start of each day.

Because...bickering, resistance, whining, laundry, dishes, and...


Oh the noise. The noise of four children can drive you to a tee-shirt and yoga pants wearing, ice-cream sneaking, Instagram peeking meltdown. I hide in the bathroom. I hear myself shushing children whom I say I homeschool so they don't have to be still and quiet.

I have had several people chide me for homeschooling as if I were doing it for the attention. I do lots of things for attention, but not homeschool. Homeschooling at home, by yourself isn't a good way to get attention. I have had people tell me I will not be able to be a successful writer if I homeschool. But I have a growing pile of rejection letters and one particularly harsh college English professor that and who pretty much assured me I was a hobbyist at best (now who's attention seeking? Go ahead and leave a comment about what a great writer I am and how you would love to publish my memoir). 

So, why? 

Why do I homeschool? Because the why is important. It's a game changer.

That is what I will explore here. 

Come with me; we can walk this road together.